An Introduction To Essential Algebraic Structures

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A reader-friendly introduction to modern algebra with important examples from various areas of mathematics Featuring a clear and concise approach, An Introduction to Essential Algebraic Structures presents an integrated approach to basic concepts of modern algebra and highlights topics that play a central role in various branches of mathematics


In addition, the book includes Numerous examples throughout to deepen readers knowledge of the presented material An exercise set after each chapter section in an effort to build a deeper understanding of the subject and improve knowledge retention Hints and answers to select exercises at the end of the book A supplementary website with an Instructors Solutions manual An Introduction to Essential Algebraic Structures is an excellent textbook for introductory courses in abstract algebra as well as an ideal reference for anyone who would like to be more familiar with the basic topics of abstract algebra.

The authors discuss key topics of abstract and modern algebra including sets, number systems, groups, rings, and fields

The book begins with an exposition of the elements of set theory and moves on to cover the main ideas and branches of abstract algebra

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